Wish MUT was a total separate video game

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What goes on tho is that those gimmicks do get mut coins solved by even better players that are great enough to solve them. High-level play then becomes more natural and based upon understanding the fundamentals of Madden nfl. Madden is broken trash so no quantity of user skill can overcome those broken notions. So instead of trying to beat them, players know the best way to exploit them themselves. I had been rated top 10 online for Madden on PS2 like 08 which was literally what it had been. You'd like 2-3 plays on every side of the ball that you'd audible based on how they had been lined up on the other side. And defensively you would only control a security and try to lure them into throwing a choice.

Wish MUT was a total separate video game and routine Madden concentrated on franchise and went deep in details with it rather than taking shit outside and creating business so bare. It's crazy that Madden 03 has a better franchise mode compared to Madden 20. Have a look at what they've for nhl 20 and in depth. Ya know what nhl 20 doesn't have? Connected franchise mode. You understand exactly what nhl used to have? Connected franchise mode. EA Sports isn't stupid. They see the business model of cherry and apple with it.o be fair though, joined franchise never functioned. It was the buggy and most laggiest mode I have ever played.

This is the first year where nhl has awakened and added a lot of stuff. Before, you had HUT with no motive to play with anything. GM style was and still is lame and become a pro. At which the devs should get some props, the club modes though are. MUT is loved by me, but I agree with this. Have a game for MUT and concentrate most of time and on franchise teams. This is coming from someone who mainly plays MUT.Honest question.what do u get out of MUT.not to insult u whatsoever but to me it's honestly the worst shit ever so as a participant I wan na na kno ur thoughts on why it's enjoyable.

The reality is, 80 percent of the players are run exactly the same shitty to buy Madden nfl 20 coins and the game play. The reason why I fine is that I really like the feeling of working hard to find good players and becoming to upgrade my team though hard work. As a NMS player, it just feels great to finally get the group that I want.this 100%, when I was looking for a livelihood for like 6months after college I played with a shitload of MUT NMS and becoming players I loved irl on my group was so fucking fun. Had a full Chargers theme group plus a few other players I loved to cover their weak rankings, and grinding for it had been dull but so gratifying.

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