I love how everyone's argument against crossplay is BoTs and HaCkERs

I love how everyone's argument against crossplay is BoTs and HaCkERs

Madden 21 has to be cross-platform for Mut 21 coins PC sake

Madden 20 on PC is almost unplayable at some points, I haven't found a single squads game SINCE LAUNCH, I played the same exact kid 7 times in a row at weekend league last week, Madden NFL can take more than 20 minutes to discover a match and the current market is totally screwed. There are cards that are economical on PS4/XBOX such as 89 OVR Kyle Juszczyk that went for a time period on PC for upwards of 50k. There also isn't really a method to"play the market" on cards like gold tickets, as often you won't see cards like Kelvin Benjamin for 5-6 days at a time. Cross-play would make everything more pleasurable.

Problem using PC is the desync stuff, individuals who do this can get 25 wins (occasionally more) in WL, procuring high spots from the leaderboards. High 100 was entered by you over a Sunday with approximately 8 wins, game is dead. Cross-play would be complex wise there are a good number of glitchers since PC collects coins simpler so it would inflate prices, and we can not get the cross AH. Madden 21 is being sold on steam and the participant base on computer should increase.

I am definitely not spending hundreds of bucks on a console so that I could play one game.Nobody mentioned to. I said don't play Madden NFL 21 if it is that frustrating. A guy replied saying every other game is better on PC. So it sounds like you have plenty of stuff to do to eat your time. However, what I'm saying is if a match is created for your PC but not conducive to your needs do not play it. It's gotta be aggravating the marketplace is shit due to the people playing with Madden NFL 21. However, if that was due to me owning a PC then my only option I just wouldn't buy Madden NFL 21. Yeah that makes sense. Unfortunately I like football more than I dislike playing with the same 7 times in a row in WL and cards costing way more than they do on on console.

I love how everyone's argument against crossplay is BoTs and HaCkERs. Have not encountered any and that I played with the previous 2 Madden's on PC. Before I got it to the 12, I played PC. I played with the same people all the time, but that was not and h2h mut. I really don't understand if build-out and Xbox/PS must decide or if cross-platform playing is something EA determines. Either way, I would be all for it if it widens the users and you could get Madden NFL vs people without lag. The last thing I need when I play madden is a sport in which I get messages mid-play which states your opponent is currently experiencing network issues, then I get sacked. This happens and a drive can be ruined by it.Madden 21 MVP Edition "Not bad for a runnning back"

It's amazing that Lamar is on the cover, and I am very glad for him. They've been going downhill for a while now and it appears they're just staying on that trajectory. Expand the school create-a-team and they will need to Buy Madden nfl 21 coins bring back. Let us select any city and provide more options for building each section of the stadium.

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