That is why I thought the blast furnace changes were idiotic

That is why I thought the blast furnace changes were idiotic

Paid protection is excellent, I believe it's a super cool meta that really uses exactly what an MMO is (rather than single-player content that happens to RS gold be within an MMO) and let us clans be applicable in the actual gameplay and arrangement of RuneScape. It's super cool that clans operate like mafia companions and can fight for control of an area, amazing player service and among the few pieces of content that lets gamers create their own and others gameplay expertise. I believe it's really well done and an place for me is the loot table.

That is why I thought the blast furnace changes were idiotic. So people would stop becoming xp and then at least some of these would have to trade the principal guy cash. The problem was that you might despair by taking one of those spots rather than do anything, without ruining a clan running its facet, but jagex might have mended that. Way cooler that is was IMO.

This is what I find really cool about caves. In a lawless area like the wilderness, gamers are beginning to control territories as well as charge other to be used"their land". In a match like RuneScape where you are able to freely move throughout worlds, it means that individuals end up specific places that are controlling, and they will need to compete against each other for clients and control. I really don't believe that is a thing that is bad. One of the biggest problems with the paid security clans is they do all its business aspect out RuneScape. You pay with GP but generally u have to get on their discord to consider their costs and terms of providers in the least. But while ur there ur hit "giveaways" from gold websites to find u in their discords and there's tons of ads for gold selling at the protection discord.

These are the guys that provide a vast majority of the gold being sold to RWT websites. There's no possible way Jagex can determine if ur paying for a security service or purchasing ur rev loot earnings. This makes it very easy for vene rwters never to get banned because they can simply sell their gp to their protecters for like.03 cheaper than they'd get from the golden sites and pass the ban weight on to the amount 3s amassing the security money. If Jagex begin banning people for paying for services because of the RWT-link, naive men and women that are also purchasing the service get trapped up and prohibited to, despite just trying to farm revs to get the gp. This also contributes to a problem. The content is designed in such a way that it is impossible to capture Jagex and RWTers condone and encourage the activities that hide RWTing.

On the end user this becomes really annoying: supply don't do the material or RWTers with gp. GL getting more visitors to come CONSTANTLY harass individuals that are playing RuneScape for a dwelling. You may ruin it to get a couple hours in a few worlds for them, but they all need to do is go to sleep early so they can wake up when its safe. Jagex have to change rev caves that gamers can do the material without being forced to a rwt racket. How might they change it? Make revs half single-way fight like they had been on buy RuneScape gold release that is what was polled to be implemented (dev blog said"minor tweaks" to how they had been on release in rs2).

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