Which involves using Clue Scrolls that you may get

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In the end of every Treasure Path, a player will dig out of the floor that the Reward Casket. It comes in among six rarities, which RuneScape gold correspond to the problem of the completed trail. The box which you can get can be beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite, or master. Inside of the initial one, you can expect from one to three rewards, interior of the next one - from two to four. The third one gives five. Both elite and hard caskets have between four and six rewards, and the master casket can have between five and seven.

Every one of the prizes is wrapped individually from the loot table so you can receive the same thing a couple of times in 1 casket. Whenever you are finished with each of the steps, you will be given a casket having a reward that's chosen randomly from a pool that is delegated to your scroll difficulty.

Below we'll list the highest level requirement, which may be needed to finish a Treasure Trail. Remember that you may get just tasks which do not need any ability levels, so in particular instances, these requirements aren't crucial. However, if you want to farm Clue Scrolls for gold or other benefits, you will have to meet those requirements eventually.Rune Pures are accounts for 40 Defence, that's the requirement to equip things from runite tier. They can also use Dragonhide Body and Fight Torso to enhance their defensive capabilities. 40 Defence is also the requirement for the Lunar Diplomacy quest, which gives Rs 3 gold players access to Vengeance - among the very useful PvP spells from the sport. The f2p community typically favors this build since Rune Armor is your best one they can equip anyhow.

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